Being Creative Takes Courage

I believe creativity is in everyone. Yes we are all different and have varying abilities, views and opinions but coming up with new, interesting  and innovative ideas makes us stand out. But expressing the things you’re passionate about involves a lot of boldness.

Many of us hesitate to freely share our thoughts and ideas due to the fear of censure. After all, you are sharing something that is very close to your heart, and to see it getting panned would surely make you afraid.

The very fear of being judged or rejected prompts many to not try at all. Look around and you will find hundreds of people who decided to let go of their ideas because they didn’t have the courage to put it out in public.

Pursue your own creative ideas, even if you’re anxious about it. When you share your creativity with the world, you inspire others to be vulnerable and share their ideas too. Take that leap of faith.

You should not let the fear of being judged  dictate how you express your ideas. Instead, you should try to build up the strength to take both praise and critique in your stride.

Criticism should be taken positively to further  your skills, but sometimes people are just mean irrespective of whether your work is good or bad. Learn how to ignore such people.

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