Meeting Her Parents.

Its that time of the relationship when you are introduced to her parents. Yeah I know it can be nerve wrecking.  The fear of them not liking or approving of you is intense but all you have to do is put on your big boy pants and believe everything will go well. Show them that […]

Dusty Rose as your Wedding Theme Color

Happy New year .I know we are in mid January but better late than never. I hope you are excited and prepared to take on this year with a bang. To all couples planning their wedding this year, you are in for a treat when it comes to choosing your theme color. According to […]

Show Up To Your Ruracio In Style

Ruracios are known to be very conservative and intimate. This is why it is important to have the right outfit not only to impress but to leave a good and lasting impression on your soon to be family. Ladies this is for you. Kitenge/ Ankara dresses top the list of outfits fit for this occasion. […]

Client Appreciation

Hosting a client appreciation event is a way to build and strengthen your relationships with your network and get more connections. Your friends, family, and past co-workers are future clients, They are all referral sources because each of them has the ability to introduce your services to someone in their sphere. Inviting them to your […]

Smart Event Budgeting

Planning a realistic budget for your event early is extremely important. It eliminates a lot of things that could go wrong. As the saying goes (The early bird catches the worm). Here are some tips to help keep your event budget on track. Work out funding and expenses. As an event planner have an open […]