Ruracios are known to be very conservative and intimate. This is why it is important to have the right outfit not only to impress but to leave a good and lasting impression on your soon to be family. Ladies this is for you.

Kitenge/ Ankara dresses top the list of outfits fit for this occasion. They come in different shapes, designs, length and colors. Depending on your taste and preference . There is a lot to choose from.

  1. This highlow multi colored , long sleeved ankara dress is perfect for those who prefer to show a bit of legs. You can pick a pair of pumps with any of the colors on the dress and your look is complete.Image from pinterest
  2. Short sleeved maxi dress is also a plus. It all comes down to what color or patterns you like.  For such a dress you can get away with any pair of shoe due to its long length. Image from pinterest
  3. I know what you are thinking this looks too casual for me to wear for my  Ruracio. It may seem that way but you can pair it up with a plain white long sleeved top and accessorize with a statement neckless to give an edge to the look.Images from pinterest
  4. Mermaid dresses are so on trend right now. Its figure hugging and brings out your curves. The trick is to ensure that it not too tight or loose but just the right fit. I also recommend pumps for this look .Image from pinterest

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Client Appreciation

Hosting a client appreciation event is a way to build and strengthen your relationships with your network and get more connections. Your friends, family, and past co-workers are future clients, They are all referral sources because each of them has the ability to introduce your services to someone in their sphere.

Inviting them to your appreciation event allows them to see you in a professional light.

3 Examples of appreciation functions:

Fundraising Events

This kind of event is very easy to do because it’s something most people can get around. A fundraiser can be less expensive since most of your sponsors can donate towards the cause and your attendees can pay some money at the entrance.Easy  peasy.

Sport retreat.

Book a ground where you can have sport activities with your clients. Ensure there are refreshments and food. Key agenda  for you is to create a bond with your clients and build a stronger relationship with them.

Holiday Event

This is a good time especially during Christmas holiday break. Have a theme event with a dress code. Make sure there are fun activities with a lot of interaction. Snacks and refreshments are a plus.

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Planning a realistic budget for your event early is extremely important. It eliminates a lot of things that could go wrong. As the saying goes (The early bird catches the worm).

Here are some tips to help keep your event budget on track.

  1. Work out funding and expenses.

As an event planner have an open conversation with the finance department regarding how much the company is willing to spend for the event. Make sure all parties involved have a clear understanding of the event’s goals in terms of revenue and expenses.

  1. Checklist

Having a checklist will keep you organized and help manage expenses. Examples of important items.

  • Venue costs
  • Food/catering
  • Vendor or equipment rental
  • Decor vendors
  • Entertainment
  • Production
  • Marketing and advertising

      3. Always be keen to every detail.

Don’t overlook small costs when you are shopping for service providers, you might think their costs fall within your budget , but end up overlooking the smaller costs that can push you over. Stay alert.

There are no guarantees that you won’t run into some surprises on the big day, but at least you know your expenses are covered, and you will be prepared no matter what.

Good luck Budget planning.



New Month Game Plan

The start of a new month is the best time to take an hour or two to think about your daily routine and whether your actions are helping you get to your end goals.

Examples of some strategies that can help you include:

Planning ahead

This helps you know what you want to focus on and need to do to stay on track. Be your own personal planner.

Time management

Set up your time and adjust your schedules weekly or daily that way you do not waste time on doing unnecessary things.

You already know what you want to get done, because you planned ahead.

Weekly check in

Create time to reflect on your weeks. Tracking your progress is essential. Incase something is not working for you, you will have time to adjust and make the necessary changes. It is important to let yourself learn from your mistakes.

Surround yourself with inspiration

The more you are surrounded by things that inspire and encourage you, the better off you’ll be. I’m not just referring to your physical surroundings but also who you spend your time with, what you consume on social media, everything.

I hope this was helpful. Leave a comment on what you think can help you stay on track.



I believe creativity is in everyone. Yes we are all different and have varying abilities, views and opinions but coming up with new, interesting  and innovative ideas makes us stand out. But expressing the things you’re passionate about involves a lot of boldness.

Many of us hesitate to freely share our thoughts and ideas due to the fear of censure. After all, you are sharing something that is very close to your heart, and to see it getting panned would surely make you afraid.

The very fear of being judged or rejected prompts many to not try at all. Look around and you will find hundreds of people who decided to let go of their ideas because they didn’t have the courage to put it out in public.

Pursue your own creative ideas, even if you’re anxious about it. When you share your creativity with the world, you inspire others to be vulnerable and share their ideas too. Take that leap of faith.

You should not let the fear of being judged  dictate how you express your ideas. Instead, you should try to build up the strength to take both praise and critique in your stride.

Criticism should be taken positively to further  your skills, but sometimes people are just mean irrespective of whether your work is good or bad. Learn how to ignore such people.


On 30/6/2018 we had an event called the Kikuyu stand-up comedy show at Blue Springs hotel which started from 6pm till late.

The aim of the event was to give an opportunity to the young and talented comedians to showcase their abilities. It was very interesting to see the artist deliver their jokes through dancing, singing even use of instruments. Their performances left the guest entertained and laughing throughout the show.

That goes to show how creative and innovative young people can be when given a chance. “We all benefit by having young people exposed to the ‘way things are done’ in a democratic society. Wise words from Hans Bernard.

Our lead Mc Jeff Kuria was surprised with a present from a talented artist who does a tremendous job on his craft. Kudos to him

We would like to thank you for the support we got it being the first edition, you guys are the real MVP’s, we don’t take it for granted. To our sponsors Jaza pay and Jersey developers May God bless you.

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Anxiety is normal when it comes to planning any event.  It’s how you manage it that makes the difference.

Here are few ways to help you keep the tension in check.

  • Have clear goals. Choose goals that are achievable you can even break tasks down into smaller parts with a series of short-term goals. to help you be more organised.
  • Have a plan A, B or C as much as you plan, you never know what might happen on the event day. Try to anticipate what could happen whether good or bad.
  • Do not focus on what your competitors are doing and compare yourself to them, it is your world and your work so you control your own deliverance, by making sure you are well prepared and can implement strategies in the best way possible.
  • Relaxation techniques are helpful to reduce anxiety such as an increased heart rate, tense muscles and quick and shallow breathing. Try it.
  • Smile, laugh and remind yourself that nothing needs to go “perfectly.” Maybe you just need to joke around.
  • Give yourself a pep talk . Before you do anything important, remind yourself of your intentions, purpose and desires for the event.

Environment Friendly Event

Today being World Environment Day, it is a campaign that was established to bring some positive environmental changes all over the world, to make life better and more natural. Environmental issues are big these days to which everyone must be aware and give their positive efforts to solve it.

Hence we are going to look at how we can incorporate environment preservation when planning for any event.

1.Event advertising

Decrease your events carbon foot print by using social media to get to in touch with your audience. Saves money and time.


Instead of receiving endless piles of paper for programs or advertisements, your guests can simply be led to download an electronic package on their tablets, phones or laptops.

3. During the event. 

  • Use items that are biodegradable, reusable and can be recycled.
  • Go solar for your energy needs.
  • Use zero waste catering.
  • Set up compost stations throughout the event space.

4. Transport

Promote use of public transport. This will help with cutting down on emissions created on the way to and from the event and rid the guests of parking and traffic hustles.

Being green will have many benefits – not simply from an environmentally-responsible point of view, but also in the positive ways your event will be viewed by customers and guests.



There are a lot of details that go into doing the job well when it comes to emceeing. Here are few tips to help you to be a good emcee when you hit the stage.

Know your role

It is the prime responsibility of the master of ceremonies to:

  • Keep the event flowing.

It is often the MC role is to mastermind the entire occasion. Thus, you need to know exactly what is to happen when, where and with whom. I recommend developing a timing schedule for the event, well in advance. This needs to include all the minor components and times for all the MC .

  • Keep the energy and enthusiasm of the audience high.

Motivate the audience to want to hear the next speaker or performer. It is your role to inspire them. Don’t just read out a biography word for word, it can leave the audience bored, flat or only mildly interested. Instead, explain to your audience the benefits they are going to gain from listening to a speaker, or hearing a performer, so that the audience is enthusiastically paying attention. Make the introductions personal and relevant.

  • Help the speakers feel appreciated.

Simply state from the outset that in order to make the program a success, the audience should kindly give each performer a round of applause and their full attention.

  • Be confident in keeping time

It is important to make sure your system of timing is very clear, easy for the speakers to follow and known by everyone involved. You are there, as the master of ceremony, to keep the time.

I hope this was helpful. If you feel there are other tips that are essential and have not been highlighted , feel free to  add on the comment section.

Thank you for stopping by.



Choosing a venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event. The date of the event, catering options, and attendees’ pleasant experiences  all are partly affected by which venue you select.

What to Consider When Searching for a Venue

  1. Location

You’ve probably already considered this. For a local event, you may be looking for a venue within a reasonable distance from most guest homes or places of work. In whichever case, don’t forget to consider traffic, transportation, and parking options.

  1. Capacity

What’s the capacity? You’ll need to know the room capacity of the venues for a few reasons. First, 500 people if it is your estimated event size can’t comfortably fit into a room with a 250-person capacity.


Does the venue have a kitchen and can it provide catering for your event? If so, often a venue will waive the facility fee and only charge a down payment along with the cost of food for each attendee. Those venues without kitchen facilities may have a partnership with a food provider that you’re required to use. You may want to check their food in advance. If it is not good enough, it can create a negative impact on your attendees’ experiences. So, either go with a venue that serves great food or allows you to bring in outside food vendors.

  1. Tables/chairs.

Does it have tables, chairs and linens you can use? If a venue has these items, you can save a great deal of money and effort by using what they have, assuming it matches your theme and ambiance.

  1. Setup crew

Does it have a setup/clean up crew? If you’ve found a venue which provides a setup and clean up crew, rejoice! This isn’t always the case. If these services aren’t available you’ll need to build your event team or find volunteers.

  1. Parking

Does the venue have a parking lot or valet parking? A venue with a parking lot is what dreams are made of. If that’s not the case, are there parking lots nearby which attendees can access and use? If there is no parking available, You can reserve nearby parking lots for your attendees and either include the cost in the ticket prices, or have attendees pay when they park.