Client Appreciation

Hosting a client appreciation event is a way to build and strengthen your relationships with your network and get more connections. Your friends, family, and past co-workers are future clients, They are all referral sources because each of them has the ability to introduce your services to someone in their sphere.

Inviting them to your appreciation event allows them to see you in a professional light.

3 Examples of appreciation functions:

Fundraising Events

This kind of event is very easy to do because it’s something most people can get around. A fundraiser can be less expensive since most of your sponsors can donate towards the cause and your attendees can pay some money at the entrance.Easy  peasy.

Sport retreat.

Book a ground where you can have sport activities with your clients. Ensure there are refreshments and food. Key agenda  for you is to create a bond with your clients and build a stronger relationship with them.

Holiday Event

This is a good time especially during Christmas holiday break. Have a theme event with a dress code. Make sure there are fun activities with a lot of interaction. Snacks and refreshments are a plus.

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