Meeting Her Parents.

Its that time of the relationship when you are introduced to her parents. Yeah I know it can be nerve wrecking.  The fear of them not liking or approving of you is intense but all you have to do is put on your big boy pants and believe everything will go well.

Show them that you are a responsible adult with good intentions, that you bring value to the relationship, and you are worthy of their trust. Like it or not, their opinion of you matters.

So be sure to;

  • Dress Appropriately . First impression is very important and how you dress will determine how they will perceive you. Dress in a smart casual outfit or go all out and wear a suit.
  • Bring a gift. Don’t go empty handed. You can buy food stuff especially if you are going to their home or ask your significant other what her parents like. It’s a small gesture that can go a long way.
  • Most of all be your best self. They will throw all kinds of intimidating questions your way and you need to know how to respond in a respectful manner.
  • Make conversation and get to know them. As much as it is about you and their daughter break the Ice by asking them about their jobs, hobbies ,likes and dislikes.That shows you care.
  • Not all parents are welcoming and nice, some can be brutal. Be polite even when they become rude.

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