New Month Game Plan

The start of a new month is the best time to take an hour or two to think about your daily routine and whether your actions are helping you get to your end goals.

Examples of some strategies that can help you include:

Planning ahead

This helps you know what you want to focus on and need to do to stay on track. Be your own personal planner.

Time management

Set up your time and adjust your schedules weekly or daily that way you do not waste time on doing unnecessary things.

You already know what you want to get done, because you planned ahead.

Weekly check in

Create time to reflect on your weeks. Tracking your progress is essential. Incase something is not working for you, you will have time to adjust and make the necessary changes. It is important to let yourself learn from your mistakes.

Surround yourself with inspiration

The more you are surrounded by things that inspire and encourage you, the better off you’ll be. I’m not just referring to your physical surroundings but also who you spend your time with, what you consume on social media, everything.

I hope this was helpful. Leave a comment on what you think can help you stay on track.


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