Show Up To Your Ruracio In Style

Ruracios are known to be very conservative and intimate. This is why it is important to have the right outfit not only to impress but to leave a good and lasting impression on your soon to be family. Ladies this is for you.

Kitenge/ Ankara dresses top the list of outfits fit for this occasion. They come in different shapes, designs, length and colors. Depending on your taste and preference . There is a lot to choose from.

  1. This highlow multi colored , long sleeved ankara dress is perfect for those who prefer to show a bit of legs. You can pick a pair of pumps with any of the colors on the dress and your look is complete.Image from pinterest
  2. Short sleeved maxi dress is also a plus. It all comes down to what color or patterns you like.  For such a dress you can get away with any pair of shoe due to its long length. Image from pinterest
  3. I know what you are thinking this looks too casual for me to wear for my  Ruracio. It may seem that way but you can pair it up with a plain white long sleeved top and accessorize with a statement neckless to give an edge to the look.Images from pinterest
  4. Mermaid dresses are so on trend right now. Its figure hugging and brings out your curves. The trick is to ensure that it not too tight or loose but just the right fit. I also recommend pumps for this look .Image from pinterest

I hope this was helpful. Leave a comment below on what you think.

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  1. Jane Waweru
    Jane Waweru says:

    The high-low is really beautiful. The pattern is wonderful. In case high gets too high, then the maxi would do as my second option.
    Good work guys. Keep on, I know there are many more.


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